2020 Week #11

This is your weekly news update for March 8th through 14th, 2020.  There is 1 headline summaries & 15 notable headlines covered this week.
Summary #1.  Coronavirus Update, with weekly news update summarizing 36 sources this week.
Notable Cancellations this week were:
More headlines regarding President Trump and Covid-19.
  • From NPR.  Trump falsely charged the Obama administration's response to the H1N1 swine flu outbreak as a "full scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now."
  • From NPR.  President Trump Has Consistently Downplayed Threat Of Coronavirus.
  • From The New York Times, AP News, The Wall Street Journal, and Reuters.  Trump and Pence initially had no plans to test for the virus, after being in close proximity to an infected person while meeting the Brazilian president last weekend. But, on Friday he stated he would most likely be tested, however he says it wasn’t related to the Brazilian meeting.
  • And from Wired.  Trump’s Coronavirus Press Event Was Even Worse Than It Looked.  The sub-title reads.  His remarks at the CDC on Friday were misguided, misleading, and show how misinformation could hamper Covid-19 containment efforts.

Covid-19 Articles:

  • NPR - WHO Officially Certifies COVID-19 A Pandemic. 
  • BBC - Coronavirus: Italy extends emergency measures nationwide.
  • NPR - The New Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For 2-3 Days — Here's How To Clean Them.
  • WSJ - Coronavirus vs. Flu: Which Virus Is Deadlier?
  • WSJ - U.S. to Ban Travel From Europe for 30 Days Due to Coronavirus.
  • AP News - Trump declares virus emergency; House passes aid package.
  • NPR - Trump, Pelosi Agree On Coronavirus Relief Bill. Next Hurdle: The Senate.
  • Reuters - U.S. House passes coronavirus bill funding free tests, sick leave.
  • Reuters - U.S. will loan $50 billion to small businesses, defer taxes to fight coronavirus, Trump says.
  • WSJ - Trump Administration to Delay April 15 Tax Deadline for Most Individuals.
  • AP News - Oil plunges 25% as another virus-fueled trading week begins.
  • Reuters - Oil falls 7% after Trump surprises with travel curbs.
  • WSJ - Circuit Breaker Halts Stock Trading for First Time Since 1997.
  • NPR - Dow Plunges 2,300 Points: Stocks In Meltdown As Panic Selling Continues.
  • WSJ - Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 11-Year Bull Run Ends.
  • Reuters - Sell signal: Trump's shallow virus plan blows floor out of markets.
  • Reuters - Stocks stage furious rally late after national emergency declared.
  • WSJ - Stocks Wrap Up Haywire Week With a Rally.
  • WSJ - Fed to Inject $1.5 Trillion in Bid to Prevent ‘Unusual Disruptions’ in Markets.
  • NYT - From Seattle to Kentucky, Churches Cancel Religious Services.
Notable headlines from the week were:
  • From The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and AP News.   Putin Endorses Brazen Remedy to Extend His Rule Until 2036.
  • From The New York Times.  U.S. Military Reviewing Iraq Operations After 2 Troops Die Fighting ISIS last Sunday.
  • From The New York Times.  Rocket Attack Kills Three U.S. Coalition Members in Iraq on Wednesday.
  • From The New York Times and Reuters, and Reuters.  U.S. Carries Out Retaliatory Strikes on Iranian-Backed Militia’s Weapon Storage Facilities in Iraq on Thursday night.  Iraq condemns the attack.
  • From The New York Times.  In Mexico, Women Go on Strike Nationwide to Protest Violence.
  • From NPR.  Wells Fargo Officials Resign Days Before They Were Set To Testify Before Congress.
  • From The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.  Kremlin Faces Scrutiny in Trial Over Downing of Flight MH17.
  • From The New York Times.  Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups.
  • From Reuters.  North Korea fires projectiles into sea; U.S., China urge return to talks.  
  • From The New York Times.  51 Appellate Judges Named by Trump.
  • From The Wall Street Journal.  Russia Takes Aim at U.S. Shale Oil Producers.  
  • From Reuters and From The Wall Street Journal.  U.S. government posts $235 billion budget deficit in February, while the U.S. Budget Deficit Grew 15% in First Five Months of the Fiscal Year.
  • From The New York Times.  Senate Rejects DeVos Rule Restricting Debt Relief for Bilked Students.  
  • From The Wall Street Journal.  Musk’s SpaceX Looking to Compete for $16 Billion in Federal Broadband Subsidies.
  • And From The New York Times and NPR.  House Can See Mueller’s Secret Grand Jury Evidence, Appeals Court Rules.
This has been your weekly news update for March 8th through 14th, 2020.  Links to all the sources for each news summary are in the show notes & at our website, www.wnu.news To ensure we can continue creating this podcast, please subscribe, share it with your friends, & review us on iTunes & Google.  Thank you for listening. 

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