2020 Week #16

This is your weekly news update for April 12th through 18th, 2020.  This week, Coronavirus summaries are comprised from 58 articles.  There are only 4 other notable headlines reported.

Summary #1.  Coronavirus Update.
Visuals and Graphs:
  1. Visual CapitalistAnatomy of the $2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Bill
More CoVid 19 related news:
  1. From Multiple Sources.  President Trump threatens to adjourn congress to prevent appointments from being disapproved.
  2. From The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.  Trump retweeted a comment calling for Mr. Fauci to be fired, but says he’s not firing him.
  3. From Multiple Sources.  Trump to halt funding for World Health Organization over coronavirus response.
  4. From All Sources.  $350 Billion Small-Business Paycheck Protection Program Runs Out of Money in less than 2 weeks.  Congress disagrees on how to replenish it.
  5. From Multiple Sources.  In an unprecedented move, Trump adds his name on coronavirus Stimulus Paper Checks.
  6. From Axios and AP News.  California providing $500 in coronavirus relief to 150,000 unauthorized immigrants, while not delaying property taxes.
  7. From Reuters.  U.S. announces $19 billion coronavirus aid for farmers, food purchases for poor.
  8. And from Axios.  The 10 times Trump and his administration were warned about coronavirus.  A compilation of source links to other news reports.
Other Covid Cited News Sources:
  • WSJ - New Data Suggest the Coronavirus Isn’t as Deadly as We Thought.
  • NPR - Want Relief Money Sooner? Give The IRS Your Bank Account Number.
  • NPR - 10 Years Of Spectacular U.S. Job Growth Nearly Wiped Out In 4 Weeks.
  • Axios - Another 5.2 million jobless claims filed last week amid coronavirus crisis.
  • AP News - Layoffs and pay cuts are now striking more white collar jobs.
  • WSJ - The Stock Market Is Ignoring the Economy.
  • WSJ - U.S. Crude Prices Drop to New 18-Year Low.
  • Ritholtz - Radical Change: How Americans Spend Their Money.
  • Axios - Trump says decision on coronavirus reopening belongs to him, not governors.
  • Reuters - Trump: It's my decision when to reopen U.S. economy.
  • WSJ - Trump’s Legal Authority to Overrule Governors on Coronavirus Is Limited.
  • Axios - Trump says he will be "authorizing" governors to reopen states.
  • AP News - Governors form compacts to coordinate reopening society.
  • Reuters - New York forms team to develop 'Trump-proof' economic reopening plan.
  • The Sun - Map of State Covid Reopening Coalitions.
  • NYT - Trump Announces His ‘Opening the Country’ Council.
  • Axios - Trump calls on governors with "beautifully low" coronavirus numbers to reopen on May 1.
  • AP News - Trump gives governors options on how to reopen the economy.
  • NYT - Trump Says States Can Start Reopening While Acknowledging the Decision Is Theirs.
  • Opening Up America Again
  • WSJ - Trump’s revised guidelines allow states to decide on reopenings.
  • WSJ - Texas Set to Reopen Some Sectors Closed by Coronavirus.
  • WSJ - Germany to Begin Gradually Reopening Its Economy Next Week.
  • NPR - Emergency Declared In Japanese Prefecture Hit By 2nd Wave Of Coronavirus Infections.
  • NPR - In South Korea, A Growing Number Of COVID-19 Patients Test Positive After Recovery.
  • Reuters - Trump threatens to adjourn U.S. Congress over 'scam' preventing appointments.
  • NYT - Why Trump’s Threat to Adjourn Congress Is Dubious.
  • NYT - Trump Threatens to Adjourn Congress to Install Nominees. McConnell Demurs.
  • Axios - Trump announces U.S. will halt funding for WHO over coronavirus response.
  • AP News - Trump directs halt to payments to WHO during virus pandemic.
  • WSJ - U.S. to Cut Funding to World Health Organization Over Coronavirus Response.
  • WSJ - Funding Exhausted for $350 Billion Small-Business Paycheck Protection Program.
  • Reuters - U.S. loan program hits $350 billion cap leaving thousands of small businesses adrift.
  • NYT - Loan Money Runs Out While Small-Business Owners Wait in Line.
  • Axios - Small business loan fund from coronavirus stimulus runs out.
  • NPR - Small Business Emergency Relief Program Hits $349 Billion Cap In Less Than 2 Weeks.
  • Axios - Trump adds his name to coronavirus stimulus checks.
  • NYT - Getting a Stimulus Check? Trump’s Name Will Be on It.
  • WSJ - Trump’s Name Will Appear on Stimulus Paper Checks.
Other Notable headlines from the week were.
  1. From All Sources.  Axios, NYT, WSJ, AP News, Reuters, and Map from AL.com.    Tornadoes from a storm stretched all the way from Texas to North Carolina and kills at least 32 people. 
  2. From The Wall Street Journal, AP News, and Reuters.  North Korea test fires short-range anti-ship missiles.  The 5th weapons test this year.
  3. From NPR and AP News.  Iranian Speedboats Conduct 'Dangerous And Provocative' Harassment of U.S. Warships in the Persian Gulf, near Kuwait on Wednesday.
  4. And from The Wall Street Journal.  Possible Chinese Nuclear Testing Stirs U.S. Concern.
This has been your weekly news update for April 12th through 18th, 2020.  Links to all the sources for each news summary are in the extensively formatted show notes.  If your particular podcast player doesn’t show the notes neatly, then you might consider a different podcast player, or visit our website, wnu.news.  To ensure we can continue creating this podcast, please subscribe, share it with your friends, & review us on iTunes & Google.  Thank you for listening. 
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