2020 Week #19

This is your weekly news update for May 3-9, 2020.  There are 2 in-depth summaries with 6 other notable headlines reported this week.

Summary #1.  Coronavirus Update:

Visuals and Graphs:
  1. Visual Capitalist - Anatomy of the $2 Trillion COVID-19 Stimulus Bill
Covid Cited News Sources:
  • WSJ - April Unemployment Rate Rose to a Record 14.7%.
  • WSJ - Unemployment Claims Data Point to Record Wave of Job Loss.
  • Axios - Unemployment rate soars to 14.7% in April.
  • NYT - For Workers, No Sign of ‘What Normal Is Going to Look Like’.
  • AP News - 33 million have sought US unemployment aid since virus hit.
  • NPR - One For The History Books: 14.7% Unemployment, 20.5 Million Jobs Wiped Away.
  • Reuters - Coronavirus inflicts huge U.S. job losses as pandemic breaches White House walls.
  • The Big Picture - Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 5.8.20.
  • WSJ - U.S. Treasury Expects to Borrow $4.5 Trillion in Fiscal Year as Stimulus Spending Soars.
  • WSJ - Two People Working in White House Test Positive for Coronavirus.
  • Reuters - Pence spokeswoman, married to top Trump adviser, diagnosed with coronavirus.
  • Reuters - Pompeo says 'significant' evidence that new coronavirus emerged from Chinese lab.
  • Axios - Pompeo says there's "enormous evidence" coronavirus originated in Wuhan lab.
  • FiveThirtyEight - Why Scientists Think The Novel Coronavirus Developed Naturally — Not In A Chinese Lab.
  • Axios - White House won't allow members of coronavirus task force to testify in May.
  • Axios - Trump says he won't let Fauci testify because the House is "a bunch of Trump haters".
  • NYT - Administration to Phase Out Coronavirus Task Force.
  • Axios - Pence: White House considering disbanding coronavirus task force.
  • AP News - Trump: COVID-19 task force not dismantling, just refocusing.
  • Reuters - Trump to refocus coronavirus task force on economic revival, concedes risks.
  • WSJ - Antimalaria Drug Doesn’t Help Treat Covid-19, Large But Inconclusive Study Finds.
  • AP News - Malaria drug shows no benefit in another coronavirus study.
  • WSJ - Coronavirus Vaccine Enters Human Testing in U.S.
  • NY Mag - The FDA Has Approved a Coronavirus Vaccine for Phase Two Trial.
  • Science Daily - Vitamin D levels appear to play role in COVID-19 mortality rates.
  • Science Daily - Vitamin D linked to low virus death rate, study finds.
Summary #2. The Justice Department Moves to Drop the Michael Flynn Case.
  • Axios - Justice Department drops prosecution of Michael Flynn.
  • Axios - Top Michael Flynn prosecutor moves to withdraw from case.
  • NY Mag - Trump Sets Free Another Russia Probe Criminal, Then Gloats With Putin.
  • WSJ - Justice Department to Drop Case Against Michael Flynn.
  • NYT - U.S. Drops Michael Flynn Case, in Move Backed by Trump.
  • NYT - Trump Praises Barr and Revels in Dismissal of Charges Against Flynn.
  • NYT - In Flynn Case, Barr Again Takes Aim at Mueller Inquiry.
  • Reuters - U.S. moves to drop case against Trump ex-adviser Flynn, who admitted lying to FBI.
  • Reuters - Skeptical judge could hold up Trump administration's bid to clear Flynn, legal experts say.
  • NPR - Michael Flynn Pleaded Guilty. Why Is The Justice Department Dropping The Charges?.
  • NPR - Justice Department Is Dropping Case Against Ex-Trump Adviser Michael Flynn.
  • AP News - Flynn dismissal a surprise? AG Barr in sync with Trump.
Other Notable headlines from the week were:
  1. From All Sources (NY Mag, NYT, Reuters, Reuters, AP, AP).  The Pentagon and President Trump deny any involvement in a failed Coup attempt in Venezuela.  Venezuela arrested 13 individuals.  Two of them were Americans that worked for Silvercore, a Florida security firm.  The owner of Silvercorp, Jordan Goudreau, a retired US Army Green Beret, claimed responsibility for the coup.  He is now under federal investigation for arms trafficking.
  2. From All Sources ( WSJ, NYT, NYT, NPR, Reuters).  Two White Men Arrested and Charged in Killing of an Unarmed Black Man in Georgia who was out for a run.  The arrests came after a graphic video emerged of the killing.
  3. From Multiple Sources (NYT, Reuters, Axios, Reuters).  North and South Korea Exchange Gunfire Across DMZ.
  4. From Multiple Sources (WSJ, NYT, Reuters).  Trump Vetoes Measure that would require him to obtain congressional authorization prior to any Military Action Against Iran.  The senate didn’t have enough votes to override it.
  5. From Multiple Sources (Axios, NYT, NPR).  The Supreme Court Temporarily Halts  the Release of Redacted Mueller Materials to the House Judiciary Committee.
  6. From AP News and Reuters.  Supreme Court Unanimously throws out New Jersey 'Bridgegate' scandal convictions.
This has been your weekly news update for May 3rd to 9th, 2020.  Links to all the sources for each news summary are in the extensively formatted show notes.  If your particular podcast player doesn’t show the notes neatly, then you might consider a different podcast player, or visit our website, w n u, dot news.  To ensure we can continue creating this podcast, please subscribe, share it with your friends, & review us on iTunes & Google.  Thank you for listening.

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